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Why to delay Patent filing?

If you have a great idea or a piece of work involving inventive step that you are very proud and would like to tell the world about it or offer it to potential investors, please file Patent application and protect it from copying/ adaptation by others.

Please file Patent application and protect your invention from copying/ adaptation by others, before you are too late.

A patent application is a complex techno-legal document. It may be possible for an inventor or applicant to prepare and file patent application himself. But it is always advisable to take the help of an expert IP attorney/Agent who is technically sound and capable of drafting your application and claims to seek the best possible protection for your invention. Many a time inventors try to draft the Specification and file the Patent application just for the sake of saving money. But it can lead you to a poorly drafted claim and can offer a weak protection which may not have any commercial value. Once it is published by Patent Office, inventions come in public domain and open for use by anyone, in the absence of a strongly drafted claims.

Identify some Patent Attorney to advice and assist you who has technical background, if not yet done. Be careful and avoid fraudulent practitioners or self-drafting Patent documents, unless you have the requisite expertise.

One must file patent application as soon as possible, if the research work has patent potential. File at least Provisional application, if not with Complete Specification, before getting the research work published in any of the journals or before making the prototype or setting up the production facility. There by avoid your invention from coming into public domain.

Conduct a prior art search first for your invention before thinking about filing Patent application. The prior art search can give you good idea about the patentability of your invention and can avoid unnecessary hassles / expenditure being incurred on Patent filing and prosecution.

Technology is moving very fast and do not be left behind. Even you may lose opportunity to get a patent, the result of your hard work, commitment and creativity, if anyone in any part of the world moves faster than you and either files a patent application or publishes the same invention in any print or electronic medium. Therefore, please move fast to safeguard your rights without wasting your time pondering over the issue of Patent filing.

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